Building Products in Emerging Markets

Building Products in Emerging Markets

17 марта 2019, воскресенье, 16:00

We are launching new series of meetups SPACE Specials with the first event on Building Products in Emerging Markets!

Date: March 17

Venue: SPACE

Entrance is free by prior registration.

Happy to announce speakers of the first meetup:

  • Dianna Yau, Program Product Manager @Facebook
  • Eugene Suslo, Co-founder & CEO @Onde
  • Dmitry Koniuk, Product Manager @PandaDoc
  • Vladimir Gorshunov, General Manager @Ask Applications

The program consists of a panel discussion and a talk.

  • How tech companies and startups are building products for emerging markets – panel discussion with Dianna Yau, Eugene Suslo, Dmitry Koniuk and Vladimir Gorshunov.

  • Localizing products for emerging markets– Dianna Yau.

Doors open at 4 pm, the event starts at 5 pm.

Address: SPACE – 16/4, Oktyabrskaya str (entrance through the black gates near 10B, Oktyabrskaya str), 2nd entrance, 3rd floor.

Special thanks to Altoros Development for their help in organizing the event.


Место Скоро в Минске город Минск Октябрьская 16/4
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